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Interior Design

Samples of interior design work which combines modern and organic ideals. My designs emphasize natural materials and shapes and combine them with a few surprising elements.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

A concept sketch of a bedroom designed with a mid-century modern motif.

Mid-century modern bedroom.png

Reading Room

A design for a reading room (residential). The concept includes modern & postmodern aesthetics with ample light from exterior windows, designed to provide a relaxing environment. All furniture is my design, though the chair is largely inspired by Eero Saarinen's womb chair.

Postmodern Room.png

Scandinavian Style Kitchen

A minimalist kitchen design which combines clean lines with warm organic textures and accents.

Scan. Kitchen Front Elevation.png

Southwest Florida Kitchen & Entryway

A sketch of my furnishing plan for a kitchen and dining area within a modern home in Southwest Florida.

Modern Naples Home Sketch.png

Tilted Bookcase

A bookcase I designed. Its form is designed to draw attention but it's also surprisingly functional.

The 10 degree tilt helps to minimize sagging of heavier books and allows a row of books to slide down to the right when a book is removed. The book can then be placed back on the shelf at the front of the row on the left side.

Tilted Bookcase Sketch.png
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