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About Bryant


My work is the physical attempt at communicating my individual attitude toward life. It is a response to life as I see it. I think of each piece as a link in a chain instead of an end product. Spontaneity is important in my work and I like to portray a worry-free, self-confident energy.


The purpose of each piece is not to produce a final idea, but to throw something into the air. My goal is to create something fertile where thoughts can grow and the viewer can use my work as a launchpad.

Resume & Bio


Group Exhibitions:

2021        The Great Collab Challenge - Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Myers, FL

2021        Small Works Off The Wall - Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL

2022        Black & White Show - DAAS Gallery, Fort Myers, FL

2022-23   Art in Flight - SWFL International Airport, Fort Myers, FL

Solo Exhibitions:

2023        DAAS Art Gallery, Fort Myers, FL

Bryant Ornes is an artist based in Southwest Florida. He grew up in Metro Detroit and also spent a few of his formative years in Europe. As a child, he often had art supplies available and was encouraged to explore. Today, he explores his creativity in different mediums such as painting, writing, and animation.

Bryant also works with his brother, Spencer, developing stories for animation and film under the Ornes Bros. Creations name.

Prior to focusing on his artistic ambitions, he worked in business strategy.

Bryant received a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University.

Please contact me if you'd like to inquire about purchasing a piece or have a commission idea.

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