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Content Production

'Ornes Bros. On The Road' is a YouTube channel which I produce with my brother, Spencer. We travel to different cities and points of interest and record our journeys. The channel focuses specifically on South Florida and we have plans to expand from there.

Click the logo below to check out our YouTube channel.
Ornes Bros on the road.png

Alt (2023 short film)

Alt is a short narrative film directed by myself and written by my brother. I edited the film's structure as well as all images, sound, and motion graphics.

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.35.38 AM.png

Oscar & Pierpont (comedy series)

Editing of all video for a "silent film" comedy series called Oscar & Pierpont. My objective is to each video an old silent film feel. I edit the structure, images, sound, and graphics. It's amazing how much work goes into making a video appear old!

Silent Film Movie Poster.png
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