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Designer & Artist

Bryant Ornes

Based in sunny Southwest Florida.

"One can describe design as a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose." -Charles Eames

Creative Projects

Bohemians Art Exhibition

Bohemians was an art exhibition I created to communicate a feeling of spontaneity and intuition. Containing a series of paintings and poems, each piece contributes to this idea in its own way to create something larger than the individual pieces themselves.

The show was on display in downtown Fort Myers, Florida for the month of January 2023.

Click here to see more detailed photos.

T-Shirt Designs

I'm continuously designing and printing new t-shirts. Generally, my designs are bright and bold.

I've created a new batch of shirts for the Winter 23/24 season. Check them out here.


Let me know if you have any sizing questions.


Painting is a constant in my life. I'm always finding new ways to visually express myself.


My work is the physical attempt at communicating my individual attitude toward life. It is a response to life as I see it. I think of each piece as a link in a chain instead of an end product. Spontaneity is important in my work and I like to portray a worry-free, self-confident energy.


The purpose of each piece is not to produce a final idea, but instead to throw something into the air.

Formula 1 Poster Series

As a passion project, I designed a series of posters celebrating each Grand Prix race on the Formula 1 calendar. My objective with each was to create intrigue and promote the sport. I haven't missed a race in ten years!


Keats Koala is a digital children's comic I illustrate and write in my free time. The idea was hatched from my family's experience in Australia. We moved to Melbourne when I was a few months old and stayed for a couple years. I've been intrigued by koalas ever since.

Video Production & Motion Graphics

Ornes Bros on the road.png

Ornes Bros. On The Road - YouTube Channel

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.35.38 AM.png

Alt (2023 short film)

Alt is a short narrative film directed by myself and written by my brother. I edited the film's structure as well as all images, sound, and motion graphics.

Silent Film Movie Poster.png

Oscar & Pierpont (comedy series)

Editing of all video for a "silent film" comedy series called Oscar & Pierpont. My objective is to each video an old silent film feel. I edit the structure, images, sound, and graphics. It's amazing how much work goes into making a video appear old!

Motion Graphics

Graphic Design

As a hypothetical project, I created a series of fun, colorful, and bold visuals which convey the energy of the fast growing city. The visual motif was then applied to out-of-home banners and posters, merchandise, and other printed/digital collateral.

Another hypothetical project. This design creates an image that is at once expected, with the Miami Beach inspired pastel color palette, as well as unexpected. The design is unique in that it subtly resembles a castle wall, which is fun and logical. The various colors provide versatility in application, physically or digitally.

Logo Design Collage_no background.png

Logo designs for digital and physical branding collateral.

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